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Candice Kumai is a professionally-trained chef and New York Times best-selling author. She is a leading authority on Japanese wellness, culture, and food, especially matcha. Candice is of Japanese descent and is currently serving as an advisor who sits on the board of the largest Japanese green tea purveyor in the world. She is one of the pioneers of sharing matcha in the United States, having spoken on the special green tea over the past seven years at numerous events throughout the country. Her latest book, Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit, launched successfully in 2018 -- and is being published in nine different countries/languages.
Candice was first introduced to matcha by her Great Aunt Takuko, her Baachan (Grandma) and her Japanese mother, who each passed down their recipes and matcha tools in addition to matcha knowledge to her. Candice’s grandmother and great aunt both studied “sen-ke ryū” (千家), or “tea ceremony” under a tea master in Kyūushū, Japan. Her Great Aunt Takuko studied under this same tea master, until he passed away.
Candice has traveled to Japan for the past ten years studying matcha, working directly with her family and the organic matcha farmers/ purveyors in Shiga, Japan.As a result, Candice is one of the most well-versed and educated writer and chefs in matcha.
According to Candice: “I carry my matcha bowl, whisk, and powder with me everywhere - it’s part of my everyday life. I’ve spread matcha with my friends, and loved ones. I’ve incorporated matcha in my recipes and have found innovative ways to make it more than just a tea. Matcha has been my secret ingredient all this time.” She is truly “The Matcha Queen” and is touted by Dr. Oz as the authority on matcha.


Something BIG is coming, gorgeous! Introducing my Matcha Master Class, a cross-nation tour of world-class cooking workshops + your daily dose of wellness. Plus, I'm launching vegan + organic Matcha Beauty Powder with NO added sugar, Vitiamins C + E, and all the ingredients for an instant youthful glow.


 Candice, raised by a Japanese mother, has been studying matcha as a culinary professional throughout Japan for over a decade. Both her Japanese Grandma and Great Aunt Takuko studied matcha/green tea and shared their love of matcha with Candice since her childhood. Candice's thoughtful  research and matcha studies have brought her to speak on matcha at The Japan Society, NYC, The US Japan Council in Honolulu, The Morikami Museum in Florida and SXSW Austin, Texas. Don't miss your opportunity to learn from the authority on matcha at The Matcha Masterclass.


Where we come from is who we are. And Candice Kumai’s Japanese heritage has guided her journey back to health at every turn. Now, in Kintsugi Wellness, Candice shares what she’s learned and guides us through her favorite Japanese traditions and practices for cultivating inner strength and living a gracious life, interwoven with dozens of recipes for healthy, Japanese-inspired cuisine. Kintsugi Wellness provides the tools we all need to reclaim the art of living well.